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Congregation Shevet Achim

The ERUV is pending for Shabbat July 30th

                     this is congregation shevet achim



FOOD HEATING CABINET - your contributions needed

Baruch Hashem, with so many simchas and
Kiddush events at our synagogue, we are
in need of a second food heating cabinet.

 If you would like to contribute towards the
heating cabinet
(approximately $2000 still needed),

please Donate Here

or contact Laurie Young at

 the way of g-d - courses



You’re probably not going to feel good all the time, but that doesn’t mean you can’t experience peace of mind at any time. 

More than any other factor, your sense of well-being determines your ability to enjoy life and function at high capacity. If you’re like most people, you probably believe that the quality of your state-of-mind is determined at least in part by what’s going on in your life, but the truth is that you can experience well-being at any time – and you don’t need to take a meditation class or learn new techniques to to do it.

This relaxing four-part interactive workshop will help you internalize a few simple principles so you can live with greater peace of mind regardless of what life brings your way. The true source of well-being lies entirely within you. All you need to do is discover it.

Sessions Led by Rabbi Mark Spiro

For more information about these classes go to Peace of Mind

welcome to our community!

Congregation Shevet Achim blends the warmth of traditional Judaism with a whole-hearted acceptance of everyone. We “shevet achim,” dwell together, as Seattle’s most diverse congregation. Many of us have returned to tradition and now join in friendship with other families, retired couples and singles in a rich community life filled with prayer, study and “chesed,” acts of kindness. Please visit us in our new building, home to Mercer Island's Orthodox congregation for all Jews.

Fri, 29 July 2016 23 Tammuz 5776